Art Responders



Art Responders is dedicated to creating opportunities for cultural engagement as a conduit to cultural inclusion and restorative  justice. We believe in the power of art to counteract rising threats to civil rights and liberties, and to empower communities underserved by the cultural and political establishment.

We achieve our vision by designing meaningful and participatory  projects in areas affected by systemic racism, gender inequality, and economic disenfranchisement.  Our exhibitions, performances, and educational workshops explore how creativity is instrumental in implementing a restorative justice framework within historically oppressed communities.  

Art Responders present multimedia arts content in a nonhierarchical context, with emerging voices displayed alongside internationally known artists.   Our active learning resources tap into streams of student and teacher creativity often ignored or neglected in 'top-down' arts and education institutions. 

By providing access to meaningful arts and education projects through local, international and virtual programs, we connect marginalized communities to each other and their allies, enabling them to become more effective advocates for lasting, positive change.

KQED features three Bay Area artists, including Art Responders founder D.E. Stenvoll-Wells, in a piece about a crucial moment in the resistance.